Hey guys, Rachel here!

This blog post is short and sweet but I have something interesting to bring up!

Sometimes a photographer may not have the most glamorous location to work with but with good lighting, quality mages can still be produced.

Here is an example.

Look at this angelic capture featuring earrings by Dana Kellin.


Dreamy right??? We were showcasing some new jewelry pieces that had arrived at NewTwist. This is where the location actually was…


Yep! The only good lighting I could find was a window that had blinds covering it! As an artist, there is nothing more rewarding¬† when you do find good lighting in a location that may not always be ideal. This applies to my fellow photographer friends because I want you guys to stay inspired by knowing that lighting is more important than a stunning location. This also applies to any brides reading this because it’s important to have a photographer that can handle any location and lighting on your wedding day as both change throughout the day! Here are a couple more images to drool over because let’s not ignore how GORGEOUS these pieces of jewelry are. Check out Newtwist.com to find all of these.

Boutique: @newtwiststore
Earrings in first photo: @danakellinjewelry
Top necklace in first photo: @kismetbymilka
Bottom necklace in first photo: @mizuki_jewelry
Pointer ring: @suzannekalan
Middle ring bottom photo: @ilacollection
Rings and bracelets: @misajewelry



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