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I’ll never forget the wonder and thrill I embodied when presented with the challenge of constructing a cardboard pinhole camera, developing its film in the darkroom, and fashioning prints by hand. Though this was merely an introductory high school photography course, I knew I’d landed on something meaningful, something profoundly resonant, and something which would remain in my life for the long haul. 
During this era of personal discovery, my mother shared a relic of her decades-past life with me – a vintage suitcase plastered with tattered stickers, each emblazoned with names of bands from before I was born. To my astonishment, I learned that my mother – as introverted, conservative and gentle as she is – once thrived as a photographer for metal concerts.
Yet another seed planted within my core! Soon, I eagerly began collecting diverse camera types, experimenting with their possibilities, and upturning their once-mysteries. And this fascination hasn’t escaped me; rather, it has grown. To carve a livelihood from my highest passion is an honor, and to connect with others throughout the experience truly amplifies this delight. I am truly filled with joy when capturing weddings or families and I hope that my clients can see that when being photographed by me!

I like to explore LIghthouses

I love Animals probably too much

I enjoy traveling with my film cameras